Directional drilling is an excavation- free method of installing underground pipelines, conduits, or cables in hard to reach places like under roads, rivers or railway lines. Executing a driectional  drill requires the use of a drilling bit to drill a pilot hole. Later the bit is switched to a back reamer which enlarges the hole depending on the diamiter needed.

After that a pipe ispulled inside by the reamer into which different cables can beplaced. It is vital for the drilling operator to skilfully navigate the drilling bit to bypass all the infrastructure already present in the ground and execute the drilling exactly as it was designed.

Currently FONBUD have five drilling machines:

  • Vermeer D9x13
  • Vermeer D36x50wraz z Lokalizatorem Vermeer Eclipse – 2 szt.
  • Vermeer 24x40
  • DitchWitch JT 3020


  • D36x50DR_Action35
  • D36x50II_Action10
  • D36x50II_Action16
  • D36x50II_Action6
  • D36x50II_Action7
  • D9x13II_Action1
  • D9x13II_Action2
  • D9x13II_Action3
  • JT3020   1
  • JT3020 2
  • JT3020
  • JT3020_1
  • JT3020_2


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